Alcan performs electrical & telecommunication construction for office buildings, universities, hospitals, airports, schools, hotels, retail facilities, treatment plants, roads, oil rigs, inter-tie power lines, and a wide variety of renovations and tenant improvements. Our team of dedicated, experienced electrical construction professionals is ready to tackle any electrical project and is committed to quality performance.

Our electrical services solve a wide range of challenges from Tenant Improvements to construction of Power Plants, Radar Facilities, and Hotels to name a few. We have over 75 years experience developing a proven process that enables us to manage projects on time and on budget.
Technology is constantly changing and we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront to provide viable security options for our customers. Our long history with IP based cameras and new product knowledge gives us a diversity of experience to the wide range of work required to keep up with the fast paced changes in technology.
As remote work gains momentum we understand the importance collaboration technol ogy is taking in offices. Our years of experience building electrical systems to work seamlessly with audio visual systems will ensure your components are engineered with the right architecture and construction for all types of projects.
Connecting cities across Alaska in remote and urban locations is our priority. We can offer customizable options and advanced features with a suite of highly intuitive desktop telephones or wireless systems. We can equip your workplace with solutions to quickly respond to a call or reach out to someone nearby.
Our team of professionals have the necessary skills to maintain network infrastructure, security and performance for all of our customers. We optimize our clients network con nections to ensure they are functioning properly in terms of data, voice, calls, videos and wireless network services.
Integration services are performed by our team of specialist that can draw from an ex pansive background based on experience and exposure to a multitude of industries. Wether you are looking for a new system design or a component upgrade our team will provide a design to fit a wide range of needs.

We are pleased to introduce SunPower to Alaska. Energy diversity is the key to reliability. SunPower is a long-established producer of solar power equipment and aligns nicely with our philosophy of providing the best value to our customers.

For over fifty years, Alcan has been committed to providing our customers with the best workmanship, personnel and equipment available. Our dedication is to provide unparalleled performance at the best value on any project that we undertake.