It was the evolution of technology from analog to digital, to then IP that spearheaded our development as a full-service integrator. Our communications division, AlcanTel, provided telephone systems such as NEC, Avaya and Mitel to communities across Alaska from remote locations to urban centers and has been an important part of who we are for more than twenty years. IP technology became infectious, pushing us into the arena as full-fledged integrator, skilled in all things IP. We continue to offer advanced communication solutions with a suite of highly intuitive desktop telephones or wireless systems. We are at the fore-front of offering cloud-based communication solutions for those that would prefer not to own their equipment, while still offering and maintaining on-premise communication equipment. We can equip your workplace with solutions as basic telephones to systems that are completely interactive with your other communication devices.

Telephone Systems

Business phone systems are no longer just a tool for simply making and receiving calls. Alcan can help your business and employees
communicate by phone, video, and text, giving the businesses flexibili ty to connect with customers and clients in many ways. We can help design the best solution for your business.

Unified Communication

Did you know you could unify your company communications to create one inbox for all of your communication needs? Alcan can help your company create a single interface between all different types of communication — mobile devices, e-mail, fax, and tablets that allows users to read, print, and forward voice mails.